Who had ‘Gretchen Whitmer tells Michiganians to ignore science’ on their 2020 bingo card?

Maybe we all should have. It’s happened before.

But let’s start with this week’s startling developments. The Centers for Disease Control issued new guidance indicating that COVID-19 tests need not always (though they may often) be recommended for individuals who show no symptoms of COVID-19.

The guidance came after – though was likely unrelated to – a report from a leading European researcher that for every 100 tests administered, 1 result is likely a false positive. In other words, likely thousands of Michigan’s COVID-19 cases – among which are tens of thousands of asymptomatic cases – were false positives.

What was Governor Whitmer’s response? She lambasted the CDC, and said the scientists and epidemiologists’ guidance “jeopardizes our ability to return to school and work safely.”

Can’t let a little science get in the way of another solid month as an unaccountable dictator, right?

For Whitmer, ignoring the science and data is nothing new. The science and data certainly didn’t stop her from importing COVID-19 to Michigan’s nursing homes, where thousands of our most at-risk friends and family members have lost their lives.

That move, of course, came after the experts – following the science – begged the Governor in March to avoid the deadly policy.

Whitmer’s war this week with the CDC makes it clear – Gretchen Whitmer is the anti-science Governor.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund