Do you know where Governor Whitmer is spending her weekend?

At the state Capital working on the budget? Working to solve the hiring crisis? Jet setting to Florida? Up north on her boat or at a bar in East Lansing?

Looks like the answer is actually Aspen, Colorado, where she’s raising big campaign dollars from wealthy out-of-state liberal socialites.
What makes the Governor’s fundraising trip in the middle of multiple crises particularly galling is the fact that just a week ago she publicly and vocally condemned fundraising from out-of-state donors!
Whitmer has raked in millions over the legal donation limits from out-of-state liberals like Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker which generated a campaign finance complaint. More than a third of her campaign donations this year have come from outside Michigan.
Gretchen Whitmer has an integrity problem, and she makes it worse every time she tells people one thing then turns around and gets caught doing exactly the opposite.
Whitmer told Michiganders not to travel out of state, then she took a secret flight to Florida. She made it illegal to use a fishing boat, then her husband tried strong-arming a marina to get her motorboat in the water. She made it illegal to dine out in large groups, then went out partying at a dive bar with a big group of friends.
If it weren’t for double standards, Whitmer wouldn’t have any at all.
For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

The images coming out of Afghanistan are simply unbelievable.

Whether you have been with us for weeks or years, you know that Freedom is our North Star.

We are eternally thankful to the men and women who serve in our armed forces, who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our security and our liberty.

We grieve with the families of those who lost loved ones in Afghanistan this week.

And we wait with quiet anticipation with those who are still waiting for their friends and loved ones to safely return home.

Join us in praying for the families of those who lost loved ones, for our soldiers, stranded Americans, and the many innocent people still in harm’s way.

FOX 17: Meijer returns from Afghanistan with more fuel in his fight for Congress to reclaim war powers

After landing back in the U.S. following an unauthorized trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, Congressman Peter Meijer (R-Grand Rapids) turned his phone off airplane mode and got two notifications. The first text message he received was from a person he helped get to safe location in Kabul’s airport, notifying Meijer he had been rescued and was leaving the country. The second was a message that 13 American service members were killed at an entrance to that same airport in a suicide bombing attack. “It was immediate sense of relief and then sense of just absolute crushing, heartbreaking grief,” said Meijer, who knew the unit killed in the attack.
FBI agents raided the homes of two Detroit City Council members and the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on Wednesday. According to the FBI, the raids happened at the homes of Councilwoman Janee Ayers and Councilman Scott Benson. It’s reportedly part of the federal corruption investigation that led to charges against Councilman Andre Spivey last month.
Several parents in Grand Ledge Public Schools are threatening to pull their children from the district after it hired a diversity consultant. The consultant, a professor at Michigan State University, has claimed that capitalism is racist and said, “Schools are manifestations of the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchal educational enterprise.”
Don’t look now, but high-profile members of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration are hinting that they’re considering sweeping new restrictions and more unilateral COVID orders here in Michigan. Just don’t expect Whitmer to offer any actual science or data if they come. Trust is easy to forfeit and tough to regain. That’s a lesson Whitmer seems to be learning the hard way, as voters, parents and families stand up and speak out in greater numbers against onerous and sweeping new mandates that might spill out of the executive office.