Whitmer Flips From ‘Ridin with Biden’ to ‘Hidin From Biden’

Whitmer-Biden Economy: School Closures, Highest Price Hikes In Nation, Supply Chain Shortages

LANSING, Mich. –  Governor Gretchen Whitmer will not be attending Joe Biden’s visit to Michigan where he is promoting more than a trillion dollars in federal debt spending. Under the Whitmer-Biden economy, Michigan is already facing rampant school staffing closures, some of the highest price hikes in the country, and severe supply chain disruptions. The federal vaccination mandate and increased debt spending will make these problems worse, hurting Michigan families who are still trying to recover from Whitmer’s economic shutdowns.

“Michigan families are struggling in the Whitmer-Biden economy with school shutdowns resulting from staffing shortages, the highest price hikes in the nation, and massive supply chain disruptions,” said Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs. “Unfortunately, Biden’s federal vaccination mandate and increased debt spending will only make these problems worse by forcing workers out of their jobs, driving up the costs of goods that Michigan families need, and disrupting classroom learning for a third straight school year.

“During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Whitmer said she was ‘Ridin with Biden‘ but now she’s ‘Hidin from Biden.’ His polling numbers are at historic lows, prices are rapidly increasing, and Biden failed to rubber stamp Whitmer’s Line 5 closure. Every decision Whitmer makes is guided by political science and polling data and her effort to try and distance from the failed Biden-Whitmer policies is just the latest example.

Whitmer may be trying to hide from the Biden-Whitmer record by avoiding today’s event but their failed policies are on display across the state. Here’s a look at the recent news coverage across Michigan on inflation, supply chain shortages and recent school closures.

Price Hikes In Michigan 

Supply Chain Shortages

School Closures

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