It’s a scandal four years in the making. The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Jocelyn Benson must release documents related to her office’s handling of campaign finance violations by Governor Whitmer and her allies in 2018.

Michigan families are feeling the pain of the worst inflation America has seen since the 1970’s, and Governor Whitmer and President Biden are driving us into a recession.

And Attorney General Dana Nessel has consistently failed to protect Michigan’s most vulnerable residents.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson must release documents relating to her office’s handling of massive campaign finance violations by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and a nonprofit that illegally ran television ads supporting Whitmer’s campaign for governor in 2018.

The Court of Appeals ruling upholds a previous ruling from the Court of Claims demanding Benson release the documents that are being withheld from my 2019 FOIA request.

This isn’t the only time Benson has found herself at the center of a transparency and campaign finance scandal. In 2019, she earned criticism for shockingly high fees to fulfill FOIA requests. And earlier this year, she allowed Whitmer to launder millions of dollars in inappropriate campaign cash to the Michigan Democrat Party.

You can read more about the latest court ruling and Jocelyn Benson’s troubled history with campaign ethics and transparency in the Detroit News.


Governor Whitmer and President Biden’s policies of increasing demand, decreasing supply, and imposing new regulations have driven prices to new records.

Now, two consecutive quarters of declining economic activity have Democrats scrambling to redefine what constitutes a “recession.”

Michigan families can’t keep up. They don’t care what Whitmer and Biden call it – they just want to be able to find affordable groceries and gas prices.

Unfortunately, Governor Whitmer is still “Ridin’ with Biden,” and their policies continue to make the pain worse.


Dana Nessel failed to protect our elderly and failed the families who lost loved ones to COVID in Michigan’s nursing homes.

Nessel refused to investigate Governor Whitmer’s deadly COVID orders, even after the auditor general found COVID deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities had been undercounted by 30%.

Nessel has also refused to investigate the Michigan Democrat Party treasurer, Traci Kornak, after she exploited a brain-damaged woman over whom she has power of attorney. (Never mind that Kornak was part of Nessel’s transition team.)

When it comes to protecting the elderly or protecting her political allies, Nessel has put politics ahead of our most vulnerable residents every time.


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