Freedom Fund Renews Call To Rescind And Dismiss COVID Fines

LANSING, MI – Following shocking testimony at the House Oversight Committee, the Michigan Freedom Fund demanded Governor Whitmer refund every one of MIOSHA’s illegal COVID fines and apologize to the people of Michigan for the tyrannical enforcement of her unconstitutional orders and the bullying of private citizens.

“Governor Whitmer’s orders created a culture of corruption that deployed state officials to target, bully and fine city officials, business owners and private citizens who were doing their best to navigate a global pandemic,” said Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs. “While Whitmer spent months defying her own COVID rules and recommendations, her administration assumed guilt, refused to provide due process to those accused of violating her unconstitutional orders, and actively encouraged officials to destroy evidence that could have exonerated the accused.

“The City of Port Huron spent tens of thousands of dollars to fight back against Whitmer’s illegal fines, but many small businesses and individuals couldn’t, and were bullied into paying fines for violations they didn’t commit. Whitmer should apologize and immediately rescind, dismiss and refund every one of MIOSHA’s fines and penalties related to her unconstitutional COVID-19 orders.”

The City of Port Huron was illegally fined $6,300 for violations of Whitmer’s COVID orders that were based on a “general feeling” and no actual evidence. The incident gained national attention because administration officials burned notes and deleted emails related to the citation. Whitmer’s MIOSHA indicated that the destruction of these records did not violate agency policy. Despite a Supreme Court ruling that found Whitmer’s orders were unconstitutional, the Whitmer administration refused to dismiss the fine until the City announced plans to depose the agency’s director.

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