Governor Whitmer doesn’t want to stop micromanaging your lives, but legislative Republicans in Lansing just secured a major victory for workers, employers, and customers.

The science is clear. The CDC has issued important guidance. States across the country are fully re-open or re-opening soon.

Not here in Michigan. As recently as Wednesday, Governor Whitmer was doubling down on lockdown orders, refusing to eliminate them, and – so much worse – was actively fighting to create permanent rules on workers, workplaces and customers across the state.

Freedom Fund’s Greg McNeilly wrote this week in the Detroit News:

The administration’s decision to push forward with a plan to permanently hamstring workers, workplaces and customers came as a massive (and unscientific) blow to communities across the state who’d hoped that new CDC guidance… meant an eventual return to the proverbial “normal”…

Conservatives in the Michigan House and Senate – and freedom loving residents across the state – stood up and said enough is enough. Late yesterday, they announced a major breakthrough, and forced the Governor’s hand. She’s pledged now to drop the proposed permanent COVID rules.

It’s progress, but it’s not enough. The Governor refuses to let go of ridiculous orders that remain in effect, like curfews and capacity restrictions. It’s almost as maddening as this time last year when she banned motorboats on Michigan lakes before her husband tried to pull rank and skip the line to get their family in the boat early.

The Governor’s orders don’t make any scientific or intellectual sense. She should end every one of these lockdown orders now. Do you agree? Sign our petition now telling Whitmer to END ALL RESTRICTIONS!

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

Deadline Detroit: LeDuff: Come Clean Gov. Whitmer – Who Flew From Michigan to Florida With You?

“Your crack team of communicators claim that your fund, Michigan Transition 2019, set up for the transition of power and to promote “civic action and social welfare,” was using the plane for official business when you tagged along to Florida. What business? No expenses are filed for any type of business except for the flight. Were the fund’s executives on the plane with you? The fund’s director– a union lobbyist – could not be reached for comment. Nor its treasurer – a former power company executive. Nor its secretary – a professor of legal ethics, of all things.”

Detroit News: Finley: Whitmer’s Jet Tale Spins Out of Control

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s account of her Florida trip gets more convoluted and less believable each time she gives it a spin. At this point, the story is so fantastical that you have to conclude the governor believes Michigan citizens are too gullible to recognize just how preposterous her explanations have become.

FOX News: Whitmer hit with ethics complaint over controversial private Fla. flight

APT filed the complaint on Thursday, alleging that Whitmer’s Florida trip violated multiple facets of Michigan’s State Ethics Act including prohibitions against receiving gifts and engaging in personal activities due to her status as governor. The group also called for an investigation to be launched into Whitmer’s trip, asked for a full report detailing misconduct, and requested a recommendation that the state’s attorney general prosecute the governor over any unethical violations.