Whitmer’s Annual Address Ignored the Real State of State

LANSING, MI – Following tonight’s State of the State address, Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs set the record straight on Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s failed record, and what the governor deliberately left out.

“Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address tonight didn’t just ignore reality – it presented a completely different reality that the average Michigander doesn’t recognize,” said Sachs. “This was campaign rhetoric, with no details and no plan to address the real problems the people of Michigan face every day.

“The Whitmer administration has delivered a steady string of failures for the people of Michigan, from the underreporting of nursing home deaths, to rampant fraud and waste at Whitmer’s unemployment agency, and a deliberate effort to cover up the truth with taxpayer-funded hush money payouts. After promising to make clean water a priority, the Whitmer administration ignored the Benton Harbor lead water crisis for more than two years.

“Michigan students suffered learning loss from Whitmer’s school shutdowns, and she has done nothing to help the thousands of kids who remain locked out of their classrooms after more than six weeks. Recent studies have found that school closures significantly affect students academically and emotionally. Whitmer’s vetoes of reading scholarships and opportunity scholarships took resources out of the hands of parents meant to help these students recover and find open schools.

“Michigan’s economy is still struggling to recover from Whitmer’s unilateral lockdown. Under Governor Whitmer, Michigan has the 10th worst unemployment recovery in the United States, and the state ranked sixth for outbound moves. Prices have jumped 7.5%, while personal incomes have dropped 9.5%, the steepest decline in the nation. Despite all this, the state government has a $20 billion revenue surplus. Legislators have proposed an across the board tax cut. Governor Whitmer should sign this bill when it comes to her desk, and return these funds to hardworking taxpayers.”

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