Governor Gretchen Whitmer shut down schools and the economy. Multiple times. The only thing more devastating than her previous orders is her hypocritical vetoes hurting students and small businesses while they continue to struggle.

Michigan students struggled academically, socially and emotionally. 

Whitmer’s restrictions required students to “learn” from home and led to two times as many students failing classes. Some schools still have not retuned to in person instruction yet.

To make it all worse, Whitmer just vetoed $155 million for struggling K-5 students. This would have provided COVID-19 learning loss recovery for low-income students, children with disabilities, and foster kids.  

Small businesses are still struggling after suffering under the longest and stricting restrictions in the country. But, that doesn’t seem to matter to the governor. 

Whitmer also just vetoed small business tax breaks a day after touting small businesses. And, it wasn’t even the first time she vetoed support for small businsses in the last month.

Bipartisan legislation was presented to Gov. Whitmer and she continues to use her veto pen. Whitmer isn’t working with the legislature or her own party. She has her own agenda: help those who are ahead and hurt the struggling. 

We all know Governor Whitmer loves to go-it-alone and has a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ approach to governing. 

Whitmer’s orders and restrictions hurt students and small businesses. Now, she says she wants to help them but her hypocritical vetoes are only making things worse.