Michigan workers have been devastated, and the state’s COVID recovery trails that of every other state in the nation, but none of that apparently will stop President Joe Biden from visiting Michigan on the eve of Independence Day to ‘celebrate’ the state’s miserable pandemic recovery.

Of course, we know what the trip’s really for. He’s coming to town to boost Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s approval ratings.

In politics, the optics matter. That’s why he’ll be hanging out in sunny Traverse City during the Cherry Festival only days after the White House canceled a planned visit to Detroit by Vice President Kamala Harris, where the economic crisis is far deeper.

According to a recent published study, Michigan ranks 51st in the nation, with the slowest recovery from COVID-19 in the United States of America. Analysts ranked Michigan 44th in real GDP vs. pre-COVID levels, 44th in Economy and Labor Market rankings, 46th in job postings, 47th in Leisure and Travel rankings, and 41st in consumer spending.

Nearly 300,000 fewer Michiganders have jobs today than at the beginning of 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Despite the devastation Whitmer’s lockdowns caused to business and industry across the state, the Governor last week vetoed a bipartisan relief package for businesses that experienced unexpected costs protecting customers and employees from COVID.

Instead of posing for photo ops, the President should demand better from Governor Whitmer. As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, the best thing Governor Whitmer could do is get out of the way of struggling families.

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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