Today’s Supreme Court decision marks a victory in the fight for the Freedom to be born. Vandals, inspired by Whitmer’s “fight like hell” rhetoric, have already attacked pregnancy centers across the state.

The courts ordered Whitmer to pay $200,000 in legal fees over her unconstitutional COVID orders. And Whitmer’s comment on “menstruating people” was just the latest example of the extremism and elitism of today’s radical Michigan Democrat Party.

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Today marked a huge victory in the fight for the Freedom to be born! The United States Supreme Court has confirmed that there is no Constitutional right to abortion. This momentous decision overturned both Roe and Casey, returning this issue to the states and the people’s representative government.

Even before the Supreme Court’s decision, violent extremists launched attacks on pregnancy centers, Right to Life offices and innocent bystanders. And Gretchen Whitmer continues to instruct her supporters to “fight like hell.”

We’re not surprised. Whitmer would rather talk about anything but her own failed record – no matter who might get hurt in the process. 

Please join us in praying for the safety of all those working to protect life.


Whitmer wanted to write some big checks this election year, but this probably isn’t what she had in mind.

When COVID arrived in Michigan, Governor Whitmer held a big in-person rally with Joe Biden, then told the rest of us to stay home – for months! She closed businesses and locked our kids out of their classrooms. Whitmer told you not to garden, made it illegal to go boating, and her confusing orders led to stores banning new moms from buying car seats for their infants.

Michigan residents took Whitmer to court and won. Her unscientific, arbitrary lockdown orders weren’t just bad policy. They were unconstitutional.

Now, two years later, the courts are ordering Whitmer to pay $200,000 in legal fees to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy to cover their work defending the state from her brand of incompetent tyranny.


Gretchen Whitmer is under fire this week after calling women “menstruating people.” Meanwhile, the roads still aren’t fixed, gas and grocery costs are out of control, and thousands of jobs are leaving the state.

Dana Nessel made headlines after declaring she wants “a drag queen for every school.” That won’t help the students who are still trying to catch up after Whitmer locked down their schools.

Debbie Stabenow gloated that she’s not affected by high gas prices because she (finally) got her electric car. Never mind that local power companies are warning about rolling blackouts because the grid can’t handle current demand.

These are just the latest examples of the extremism and elitism of the Michigan Democrat party. Welcome to the new normal from today’s out-of-touch Radical Left.


Times Herald: St. Clair County Clerk Jay DeBoyer is running for state representative

“I believe the people of Macomb and St Clair County deserve strong independent leadership beholden to no one other than the citizens,” DeBoyer said in a statement. “They deserve representation in Lansing that is neither extreme nor weak and that is not afraid to stand up to the status quo and defend what we so dearly love. Experience matters, we need common sense experienced leadership defending our families, our freedom, and our faith.”

WHMI: Bill To Require High School Course Credit In Personal Finance

Republican State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township said Michigan teens should have a well-rounded education that includes information about how to handle their personal finances. She commented that young people are faced with financial decisions at just 17 or 18 years old that can have long-lasting ramifications.

Bollin says they need to make sure future generations are equipped with the knowledge they need to budget, do their taxes, handle decisions about debt, and plan for the future.

Macomb Daily: Wozniak: Governor combating common sense rather than inflation

“Unfortunately, Gov. Whitmer vetoed both of these sensible tax saving plans, despite the state being in a better position to afford them than ever before. With the stroke of her pen, she wiped out billions in taxpayer savings at a time when the state has a record surplus of funds.

“The governor chose to maintain excessive levels of taxation — while the state sits on a pile of taxpayer dollars — at the expense of families and retirees. That is not leadership. It’s an abdication of duty to serve the best interests of the people of Michigan. I will continue to fight for taxpayers so they can keep more of what they earn and better afford the Whitmer economy.”


Detroit News: LeDuff: COVID deaths climb; does anyone care? 

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Kids can’t read. Drag queens won’t help.

Center Square: Experts say new SCOTUS ruling may reverberate in Michigan education system

Mlive: Driving 80 miles for cancer care, Michigan family carries heavy cost of high gas prices

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Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund