Union bosses gave millions of dollars to Democrats – and now those same Democrats want to take away workers’ freedom to work without being forced to pay dues to the unions.

The so-called “Independent” Redistricting Commission finished its work ages ago – we just used the maps they created in last month’s election – but now they’re suing to get more of your tax dollars.

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Right-to-Work has empowered all workers, union and non-union alike, to make their own decisions about their employment and about their paychecks. But the union bosses who depend on those dues – and the Democrats who depend on their political contributions – want to silence them.

Former UAW-member Terry Bowman said it best in his op-ed at Fox News: Michigan Democrats want to steal my rights so they can reward their union buddies

“I was a union member for nearly 20 years, and I still work in a unionized shop. I know the arguments. They say right-to-work leads to ‘free loaders’ who get the benefits of union membership without paying the dues. But under this law, unions actually have to show value to workers to convince them to stick around. Without right-to-work, unions are the real free loaders, taking workers’ dues without having to earn them.”

Unions gave millions of dollars to the Democrats, who now want to repeal workers’ freedom to choose – even though 60% of Michigan residents support Right-to-Work, including 55% of union households. Just 17% oppose Michigan’s Right-to-Work law.

Many workers today didn’t vote for the unions that exist in their workplace – and Right-to-Work gave them the freedom to choose. Lawmakers should listen to their constituents and defend freedom in the workplace.


Michigan’s majority-partisan Redistricting Commission has been no stranger to controversy over its short life. They have made headlines for obscene tweets, for holding illegal secret meetings, missed deadlines and rewarding themselves with a 7% pay increase.

Their work is done, and those maps were used in the election held last month. Now, they’re back in the news after filing a lawsuit against the state legislature, demanding another $3.17 million of your tax dollars to continue funding their work-free existence.

It’s another slap in the face of the working families who sign their paychecks and are struggling to make ends meet. There’s no reason for the Commission to meet, no work to do, and no reason for taxpayers to continue to pony up millions for these unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.


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