Governor Whitmer doesn’t seem to care about struggling Michigan families, small businesses, the kids forced to endure masks in classrooms across Michigan, or keeping her promise to “fix the damn roads.”

Families across Michigan are struggling with rising inflation, and Governor Whitmer calls it the “best recovery” in state history. And while adults and politicians like Whitmer and Nessel get to choose when to wear a mask, nearly 100,000 Michigan students are still subjected to forced masking in their classrooms.

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Whitmer says there are a lot of signs that Michigan is on the right track, but inflation is decimating Michigan families. Small businesses that managed to survive Whitmer’s lockdowns are now being forced out of business by rising prices.

It gets worse. Consumer prices are up 8.5% over last year. The cost of gas is up 48%. Rent is up more than 15%. Overall grocery prices are up 10%. Politics boils down to the so-called kitchen table issues, and inflation is costing Michigan households almost $300 a month.

Whitmer probably hasn’t bought her own groceries or filled up her gas tank in years. In this case, ignorance of inflation may be bliss in the short term, but as more Michiganders feel the sting of rising prices every day, Whitmer will soon wish she had done more to address the real problems in our state.


A Federal judge struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate on planes – but here in Michigan, almost 100,000 kids remain trapped behind unscientific mask mandates in schools across the state.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that Michigan students are still forced to wear a mask at school when the mask mandates have been dropped everywhere else. Students in Ann Arbor staged a walkout to protest forced masking requirements earlier this month. Ann Arbor Public Schools also threatened unmasked parents with criminal trespassing charges this week. Nearly 100,000 students in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Ypsilanti are still subject to mask mandates in their schools.

Michigan students are suffering academically and emotionally, and Governor Whitmer has done nothing to help them. It’s time to end forced masking.


It’s not your imagination. Michigan’s roads aren’t getting better – they’re getting worse. And it’s making an impact on your car and your wallet.

Michigan’s crumbling roads are costing families an average of $5,000 a year. The roads that Michigan residents drive on every day are deteriorating and frequent trips to the mechanic don’t come cheap.

Governor Whitmer promised to “fix the damn roads.” Drive anywhere in the state, and it’s clear Whitmer broke that promise.


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