New report shows MI ranked #50 for COVID safety, and Whitmer attempts to distract from record inflation, small business closures, and failing students with “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me” theatrics

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Fund condemned Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MEA) attempt to distract voters from record inflation and her failed COVID record by bringing a Landshark to a campaign event, which is a reference to the bar where Whitmer broke her own COVID orders during the pandemic.

According to a report today from Wallet Hub, Michigan ranked 50th in safest states during the pandemic despite having the most Draconian lockdowns in the country. Data also recently showed that Michigan leads the country in small business closings while students’ reading and math levels are at all time lows. 

“A new report shows Michigan ranked 50th for COVID safety despite Gretchen Whitmer’s draconian lockdowns that not only kept no one safe, but led to record inflation, mass closure of small businesses, and record low reading and math levels for students. Whitmer’s performance as Governor is so pathetic that her campaign is taunting Michiganders with these tone-deaf theatrics, highlighting her previous COVID hypocrisy to distract voters from her failed record,” said Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs. “Whitmer’s policies have failed our state and her COVID orders were so bad that she didn’t even follow them. Sadly, others were forced to comply, which resulted in the destruction of Michigan’s economy, a death sentence for the most vulnerable in nursing homes, and students with the lowest reading and math levels in decades.” 

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